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Mandatory Student Forms

Children should not be allowed to come to your tutoring program without parents signing the mandatory RGOH student forms. Please set a time to speak with the parents and establish a relationship to ensure you will get the support you need from the parents to help your children succeed. There must be an ongoing supportive relationship with the parents in order for this process to work. A list of the forms are included below (pdf):

Binders for Student Forms

After parents sign those forms for each child, make sure to print 3 copies of each and house in the following way:

  1. Create a binder for each copy of the forms and label RGOH Binder #1,#2, #3. Keep one binder #1 in a file cabinet near the tutoring area.
  2. Keep binder #2 in a locked area in the Director’s or Pastor’s office.
  3. Keep binder #3 on the bus/car depending on how children are transported, for emergency purposes.

These binders of information are critical and provide important information about the following details:

  1. Valuable contact information in case of emergency.
  2. Parents consent and their assumed responsibility.
  3. Important medical information in case of emergency.
    Details covered under each from including the field trip liability release forms.
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