Readers to Leaders


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Readers to Leaders Literacy Program

The “Readers to Leaders” program was put together for a couple of key reasons. Many studies show that there is a strong commonality of illiteracy within prison inmates. Many of our students in North County, for many different reasons, could be considered illiterate. If these students don’t get the help that they need to master the English language then their futures, whether they are incarcerated or not, will be difficult in every aspect of life. English comprehension, spoken and written, is an essential skill to understand the world around you.

The second reason is that many of our students in North County fall within the parameters of being at risk to be statistics of that study. We believe that the students in our community are gifted, bright, and have the ability to have a successful future. We simply want to do our part to help the students and their families realize their potential.

Our goals for the “Readers to Leaders” program are two fold. We want our students to increase their ability to score proficient or above in English Language skills on standardized tests. And we want our students to become strong readers who are excited to pick up and read books on a daily basis.

The “Readers to Leaders” program will take place as an after school program during the regular academic year of our surrounding school districts. As of now the program will take place at the Community Empowerment Center of Ferguson in our two classrooms and community room. The program will consist of a snack, devotion, 30-45 minute tutoring session, and time after for the students to build relationships with each other and our volunteer staff, play games, and grow holistically.

"For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a HOPE" Jeremiah 29:11